Vermont Healing

John Foster

I am a healer using the modality know as Healing Touch. Healing Touch, which is a combination of both ancient practices and more modern techniques, is designed to heal  our mind, body and spirit.

Whether your dis-ease is manifesting as cancer, sinus or asthma issues, anxiety, Lyme, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, joint pain or your needs are post and pre-operative support or relief from chemo therapy affects or virtually anything else there is help.

We (you and I) as a partnership work  to open, align, expand and cleanse  your body's energy systems.

I was called to be a healer by a random meeting of a healer at a dinner party. No flash of light, no spirit came to me. I was actually eaves dropping on a conversation she was having with another dinner guest. What she spoke of as a healer, was simultaneously foreign and logical. At that moment I knew what direction my life was taking... I was on the path to become a healer.  At the time I was a wildlife researcher and environmental educator. In many ways healing was a natural progression from being a wildlife researcher and naturalist. Much of healing is enabling, teaching people to heal themselves, to change, to grow, to view the elements of their lives differently, to free themselves of patterns that  cause damage, that cause dis-ease. 

I conduct Healing Touch both in a clinical setting at the Albany Medical Center working on staff and patients and also in private practice through out the region. We can set up a time when I can visit you at your home or in a variety of office locations. Additionally, distance healing is another very effective way for you to experience the benefits of a healing session with me.